Accessories Colors
External dimensions 515 x 415 x 135 mm / 20.28 x 16.34 x 5.31 inch
Internal dimensions 510 x 335 x 129 mm / 20.08 x 13.19 x 5.08 inch
Cover depth - bottom 64.5 + 64.5 mm / 2.54 + 2.54 inch
Weight 1.35 Kg

Plastic packaging Case 170/51GPB from the Advanced series with internal dimensions of 510 x 335 x 129 mm / 20.08 x 13.19 x 5.08 inch and embossed foam on the lid and bottom to fit every shape and need. Available in 3 different colors: black, blue and red. Black clips.

The case presents itself with smooth lines, a resistent polypropylene body and a reliable handle integrated in the outline of the case .It's caracterized by a wide range of possibilities of internal customization (with custom cut foam) as well as external (with screen prints and customized labels). Clips are available in different colors upon request. Material: polypropylene.

Over 60 years experience in developing plastic solutions for transporting, organizing and protecting our customers equipment. Vast selection of innovative products for packaging of great design; always paying attention to the environmental impact and constantly investing in materials and technologies for a green and eco-friendly production cycle. Discover more on.

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